Trail Conditions
The Marinette County motorized recreational trail system is opened to all authorized motorized vehicles. ATV/UTV riders in the Dunbar area are advised to watch out and slow down for logging activities.  Logging equipment including trucks may be present on shared trials/roads.

Most Marinette County highways (lettered roads) are open May 1 -  Dec. 1 from dawn to dusk and have a 35 mph speed limit.  ATV/UTV operators are reminded to turn off light bars.  ATV/UTVs are permitted on all county highways except the following:
1) County Highway C beginning at County Highway F and ending at the Forest County line all in the Town of Silver Cliff.
2) County Highway I - 
a) beginning at Wolfe Lane and ending at Homestead Lake Road all in the Town of Silver Cliff.
b) beginning at Camp 5 Lane and ending at a point 3,480 feet south of USH 8 in the Towns of Silver Cliff and Goodman.
c) beginning at a point 2,220 feet south of USH 8 and ending at USH8, all in the Town of Goodman.
3) County Highway N beginning at the City of Niagara limits and ending at the Florence County line. all in the Town of Niagara.
4) County Highway T beginning at State Highway 64 and ending at County Highway B, all in the Town of Peshtigo and City of Marinette.
5) County Highway U beginning at US Hwy 8 and ending at the Florence County line in the Town of Dunbar.

Unless otherwise posted, city, town and village roads in Marinette County are open for year round ATV/UTV/snowmobile operation with no daily open/close times - except for the City of Marinette, where they are prohibitted.   

For the most current trail information check the Marinette County Alliance Snowmobile and ATV/UTV Trails Facebook page or the Facebook pages of the clubs who maintain the trail systems:Snowmobile Trails: CLOSED 

Updated: May 4th, 2023

Information about local ATV & snowmobile clubs can be found at: