Marinette County Photo Contest

Every month in 2023 the Marinette County Tourism & Parks Departments will be hosting a photo contest to highlight our areas natural resources. Winners will have their photos displayed on the Marinette County social media pages with the appropriate photo credit. Winning photos may also be featured in future print publications, such as the Marinette County Visitor Guide.

How do I submit a photo?
You can submit your photo(s) by posting them to your personal Facebook or Instagram account. You must add the two following Marinette County hashtags to your post in order to enter: #exploremarinettecounty and #explorephotocontest
*Winner may be asked to supply their photos via email or different format for quality purposes. 

What do I need to know?
Photos must be taken within the borders of Marinette County. There may be some months wherein a theme is applied. For example, the month of May might have a wildflower theme. Whether there is or is not a theme for any given month will be announced alongside the previous month’s winning photo. Photos will be judged based on clarity, subject, lighting, creativity, and composition. Submissions must include the location where the photos were taken. Photographers are highly encouraged to utilize our county parks and public lands. If the primary subject of a photo is a plant or animal, then the name of said species should also be included with the submission, if the name is known. Color, black and white, and filtered photos are welcome. Photo submissions for a given month, must be posted, with the necessary hashtags, by 11:59pm of the last day of that month. This contest is open to both residents and non-residents. Photos must be submitted by the photographer of said photos. The submission of any photo(s) is also an expression of consent for those photos to be used in future online and print publications at the will of Marinette County. Each month is considered to be a separate contest period. Winners from one month are still eligible for future submissions and wins.

Any questions please email: